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Safe and Secure

We provide 10X higher payouts to our publisher crushing our competitors

Advanced Analytics

Once integrated everything can be managed easily from the dashboard with few clicks.

Best Payment Rates

Keep a track of your users Revenue

in text ads

Rather than interrupt the user experience with distracting ads, InText advertising enhances editorial content by converting keywords on a page into contextually relevant, linked ads. InText ads put users in control, allowing them to reveal more about an ad by hovering their mouse over relevant keywords. And because InText ads integrate with existing content, websites won't have to restructure what's already there to make space for advertising.


POP Ads Present users with targeted offers according to user intreast and content from our Advertising network. POPs load quickly in a new browser window so Publishers don't need to compromise their content or design.

Search Feed

Go beyond the ordinary search results with AddonSmash. We’ll add an extra search results to the mainstream SERPs and you’ll get a check for each certain click. Grab a code and start to monetize Chrome extension, Firefox addon and Browser toolbar right now!

e-commerce ads

Online shopping is a great way to save big, but you can never be 100% sure you're getting the best deal. This is where our E-Commerce Ads comes in. Our E-Commerce solution supports 40,000+ online stores worldwide. Whenever user visits any of those store a shopping widget is displayed on that store that help users compare prices and save money, no matter what they're looking to purchase.

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Browser Extensions
Desktop Applications

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